Discover the top software development companies in Nepal for 2024, known for their technical expertise and market insight. These companies offer a range of services, from web and mobile app development to custom software solutions, catering to startups and established businesses alike. With cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, they stand out as future industry leaders.


Description: Spiralogics is a leading software development firm creating custom web and mobile applications. They excel in delivering innovative, high-quality solutions across various industries, prioritizing client satisfaction and business growth through tailored and scalable technology.

Founded: 2003
CEO: Samir Upadhyay
Revenue: 7.8M
Employees: 5000 to 10000
Services: Custom Software Development, Application Development, Cloud Solutions, UI/UX Design and much more.
Key Clients: GE Healthcare, Northside Hospital, Grady Health System, Trane Technologies and Humana
Partners: Amit Shrestha, Binod Shrestha, Manoj Shrestha, Kiran Kandel

Pagoda Labs

Description: Pagoda Labs specializes in software development, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, aiming to advance technology through creative problem-solving and collaboration. Dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions, they cater to the evolving needs of businesses and consumers in a dynamic digital environment.

Founded: 2008
CEO: Shoki Shakya
Revenue: 5M
Employees: 11 to 50
Services: Software Development, Data Analytics, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity and much more.
Key Clients: Apple, Google, Bank of America, Amazon, Pfizer, Tesla, AT&T and Netflix
Partners: IBM, Intel, Microsoft Azure, Red Hat, Symantec, Nokia


Description: LogicTronix is a leading technology firm specializing in electronics design and development. They offer expertise in FPGA design, embedded systems, and custom hardware solutions. Committed to innovation, LogicTronix delivers high-quality, tailored solutions that drive advancements in automation, communication, and digital systems across various industries.

Founded: 2012
CEO: Krishna Gaihre
Revenue: 5M
Employees: 11 to 50
Services: FPGA Design and Development, Embedded Systems Design, IP Core Development, Consulting Services and much more.
Key Clients: Intel, Xilinx (now part of AMD), NASA, Qualcomm, Samsung, Texas Instruments and Sony
Partners: Intel, Texas Instruments, Altera (now part of Intel), Analog Devices, Cadence Design Systems

Jyaasa Technologies

Description: Jyaasa Technologies is a leading software development firm from Nepal, known for its innovative solutions in blockchain, AI, and cloud computing. They specialize in creating robust software products to meet global business needs with excellence and reliability.

Founded: 2014
CEO: Prashant Pandey
Revenue: 4.2M
Employees: 100 to 200
Services: Software development, Blockchain solutions, AI development, cloud computing services, IT consulting and much more.
Key Clients: Designerex, Pickofficial, Receptionist, Hyfer Technologies
Partners: CloudFactory Nepal, Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd, Code Himalaya, Bent Ray Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Delta Tech

Description: Delta Tech, a leading technology company, specializes in innovative solutions across industries. Focused on cutting-edge research and development, we deliver high-quality products and services that enhance efficiency and growth. Our expert team provides customized technology solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Founded: 2000
CEO: Prem Garg
Revenue: 20.5M
Employees: 501 to 1000
Services: Software development, System Integration, Network Security, maintenance, IT consulting and much more.
Key Clients: leading financial institutions, Government Agencies, prominent educational institutions
Partners: ELCA Informatic AG, CGI Deutschland Ltd. & Co. KG, EasiRun Europa GmbH and T-Systems

Yuwasoft Technologies

Description: Yuwasoft Technologies is a leading provider of innovative software solutions, specializing in custom software development, IT consulting, and digital transformation services. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, Yuwasoft delivers high-quality, scalable solutions that drive business success and enhance operational efficiency for clients worldwide.

Founded: 2003
CEO: Hitesh Kanwar
Revenue: 9.8M
Employees: 51 to 200
Services: Custom Software Development, IT consulting, Digital Transformation, Cloud Solutions, Mobile App Development and much more.
Key Clients: including finance, Healthcare, retail, manufacturing
Partners: Custom Software Development, IT consulting, Digital Transformation

Startups Realm Technology

Description: Startups Realm Technology is a dynamic firm at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in custom software development, IT consulting, and driving digital transformation. With a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Startups Realm delivers scalable solutions that empower businesses to achieve operational excellence and drive growth.

Founded: 2021
CEO: Mr. Sundar Adhikari)
Revenue: 537K
Employees: 1 to 50
Services: Business Consulting & Research, Technology, Branding, Marketing, Team building & Hiring, Fundraising
Key Clients: Serving diverse sectors including finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing.
Partners: including finance, Healthcare, retail, manufacturing

Technorio Inc

Description: Technorio Inc is a pioneering firm specializing in cutting-edge technology solutions, including custom software development, IT consulting, and digital transformation services. Established as a leader in innovation, Technorio Inc delivers high-quality, scalable solutions that optimize business operations and foster growth for clients worldwide.

Founded: 2015
CEO: Nidesh Maskey
Revenue: 1M
Employees: 11 to 50
Services: Website Design and development, Software And Application Development, Social Media management and much more.
Key Clients: Retail & E-commerce, Healthcare, Education, Corporate and Enterprise
Partners: Retail & E-commerce, Healthcare, Corporate and Enterprise Education,

Makura Creations

Description: Makura Creations is a dynamic company specializing in innovative design solutions and creative content creation. Since its establishment, Makura Creations has been at the forefront of delivering captivating visual experiences and effective branding strategies. With a dedicated team of creative professionals, Makura Creations offers a range of services including graphic design, brand identity development, multimedia production, and digital marketing solutions.

Founded: 2013
CEO: Swagat Bhetuwal
Revenue: 3M
Employees: 11 to 50
Services: Graphic Design, Brand Identity Development, Multimedia Production, Digital Marketing Solutions, and more.
Key Clients: IME, Nepal Travel Adventure. Parbas Travels, CAN
Partners: Google, CAN, Cricket Association of Nepal

Dome Infosys

Description: Dome Infosys is a leading provider of comprehensive IT solutions and consulting services, committed to driving technological innovation and business transformation. Since its inception, Dome Infosys has excelled in delivering cutting-edge software solutions, IT consulting, and managed services to a diverse clientele. With a team of highly skilled IT professionals, Dome Infosys offers a range of services including software development, IT infrastructure management, cybersecurity solutions, and digital transformation strategies.

Founded: 2005
CEO: Anil Kumar
Revenue: $10M
Employees: 200 to 500
Services: Software Development, IT Infrastructure Management, Cybersecurity Solutions, Digital Transformation Strategies, and more.
Key Clients: XYZ Bank, Alpha Tech, Global Enterprises, and Tech Innovators.
Partners: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco


Nepal’s top software development companies for 2024, such as Spiralogics, Pagoda Labs, LogicTronix, Jyaasa Technologies, Delta Tech, Yuwasoft Technologies, Startups Realm Technology, Technorio Inc, Makura Creations, and Dome Infosys, are recognized for their technical expertise and customer service. Offering a range of services including web and mobile app development, custom software solutions, and IT consulting, they cater to both startups and established businesses, driving innovation and business growth Software Development Companies.

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