Oman is rapidly becoming a technology hub, with numerous top-tier software development companies providing services like web and mobile app development, enterprise software solutions, and custom software development. This guide lists the leading companies in Oman for 2024, highlighting their expertise, proven track records, and client satisfaction to help businesses choose the best partner for innovative software solutions.

Bahwan IT

Description: Bahwan IT is a premier technology solutions provider specializing in IT infrastructure, enterprise solutions, and digital transformation services. Renowned for its customer-centric approach and dedication to innovation, Bahwan IT delivers tailored, scalable technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency and drive business success across various sectors.

Founded: 2003
CEO: Abdullah Al Bahwan
Revenue: $5M
Employees: 500 to 1000
Services: IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Solutions, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Cloud Services, and IT Consulting
Key Clients: Oman Oil Company, Bank Muscat, Omantel, Ministry of Health, and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
Partners: Said Al Habsi, Noor Al Rashidi, Khalid Al Balushi, and Aisha Al Shibli


Description: Awasr is a leading telecommunications provider, specializing in high-speed internet services and digital solutions. Known for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Awasr offers innovative and reliable connectivity solutions that empower individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Founded: 2015
CEO: Ibrahim Al Maamari
Revenue: $2.8M
Employees: 200 to 600
Services: High-Speed Internet, Business Connectivity Solutions, Digital Services, Managed Network Services, and Customer Support
Key Clients: Oman Airports, Oman Electricity Transmission Company, Al Mouj Muscat, Sohar Industrial Estate, and Muscat Municipality
Partners: Salim Al Shanfari, Fatma Al Hinai, Nasser Al Lawati, and Maha Al Zadjali

Nawras Tech

Description: Nawras Tech is an innovative technology company, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and services. Renowned for its expertise and customer-centric approach, Nawras Tech provides advanced technology solutions that drive digital transformation and business growth.

Founded: 2010
CEO: Ahmed Al Balushi
Revenue: $5.2M
Employees: 150 to 400
Services: Software Development, IT Consultancy, Cybersecurity Solutions, Cloud Computing, and Technical Support
Key Clients: Bank Muscat, Oman Oil Company, Sultan Qaboos University, Omantel, and Al Raffd Fund
Partners: Mohammed Al Habsi, Salma Al Rahbi, Khalid Al Riyami, and Aisha Al Harthy

Gulf IT Innovations

Description: Gulf IT Innovations is a premier technology firm, specializing in providing comprehensive IT solutions and services. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Gulf IT Innovations delivers tailored technology solutions that help businesses and organizations achieve their digital goals.

Founded: 2008
CEO: Khalid Al Harthy
Revenue: $3.6M
Employees: 100 to 300
Services: IT Infrastructure Management, Software Development, Cloud Services, Data Analytics, and IT Support
Key Clients: National Bank of Oman, Oman Air, Petroleum Development Oman, Oman Investment Fund, and Ministry of Education
Partners: Zainab Al Farsi, Ali Al Amri, Said Al Shukaili, and Nawal Al Siyabi

Infocomm Group

Description: Infocomm Group is a leading IT services and consulting company, renowned for its comprehensive and innovative technology solutions. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, Infocomm Group empowers businesses with cutting-edge IT services that drive efficiency and growth in the digital era.

Founded: 2003
CEO: Faisal Al Busaidi
Revenue: $4.7M
Employees: 250 to 700
Services: IT Consulting, Systems Integration, Managed IT Services, Enterprise Software Solutions, and Technical Support
Key Clients: Muscat Securities Market, Ministry of Health, Bank Dhofar, Omran, and Oman Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Partners: Ahmed Al Riyami, Maryam Al Hinai, Yousuf Al Hashmi, and Fatima Al Zadjali

National IT

Description: National IT is a top-tier IT solutions provider, dedicated to offering state-of-the-art technology services. Known for its innovative approach and customer-centric focus, National IT delivers customized IT solutions that enhance operational efficiency and business performance.

Founded: 2012
CEO: Saeed Al Jabri
Revenue: $6.1M
Employees: 300 to 800
Services: IT Infrastructure Solutions, Cybersecurity Services, Cloud Computing, Software Development, and IT Support Services
Key Clients: Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Finance, Oman Arab Bank, Oman LNG, and Sohar Port and Freezone
Partners: Rashid Al Harrasi, Laila Al Zadjali, Mohammed Al Busaidi, and Salma Al Farsi

Towell Group

Description: Towell Group is a diversified conglomerate with a strong presence in multiple industries, including IT, real estate, manufacturing, and retail. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Towell Group provides a wide range of services and products that cater to various sectors, driving economic growth and development.

Founded: 1866
CEO: Imad Sultan
Revenue: $1.2B
Employees: 5,000 to 10,000
Services: IT Solutions, Real Estate Development, Manufacturing, Retail, and Automotive Services
Key Clients: Oman Oil Marketing Company, Bank Muscat, Oman International Development and Investment Company, Muscat Municipality, and Oman Telecommunications Company
Partners: Ahmed Al Rawahi, Huda Al Ismaily, Ali Al Lawati, and Fatma Al Habsi

AlJazeera Technical Solutions

Description: AlJazeera Technical Solutions is a premier provider of comprehensive technical services and IT solutions. Known for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, AlJazeera Technical Solutions offers a wide range of services designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age.

Founded: 2011
CEO: Omar Al Mahrooqi
Revenue: $3.9M
Employees: 200 to 500
Services: IT Consulting, Network Solutions, Cybersecurity, Cloud Services, and Technical Support
Key Clients: Oman Air, Ministry of Transport, Al Mouj Muscat, Bank Nizwa, and Sultan Qaboos University
Partners: Sara Al Balushi, Khalid Al Wahaibi, Nasser Al Rashdi, and Aisha Al Zadjali

Alnama IT Solutions

Description: Alnama IT Solutions is a leading provider of innovative IT services and solutions, dedicated to helping businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. Renowned for its customer-focused approach and technical expertise, Alnama IT Solutions delivers tailored IT solutions that enhance productivity and drive business success.

Founded: 2014
CEO: Salim Al Habsi
Revenue: $4.2M
Employees: 150 to 450
Services: IT Consultancy, Software Development, Cybersecurity Services, Cloud Computing, and IT Support
Key Clients: Muscat Electricity Distribution Company, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, National Bank of Oman, Sohar Aluminium, and Oman Airports Management Company
Partners: Mohammed Al Farsi, Hanan Al Lawati, Ali Al Hinai, and Fatma Al Riyami

Almusafir Technologies

Description: Almusafir Technologies is a forward-thinking IT company specializing in delivering advanced technology solutions and services. Known for its innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction, Almusafir Technologies provides a range of IT services designed to support businesses in their digital transformation journeys.

Founded: 2013
CEO: Rashid Al Qasimi
Revenue: $3.5M
Employees: 180 to 500
Services: IT Consultancy, Cloud Solutions, Software Development, Cybersecurity Services, and Technical Support
Key Clients: Oman Tourism Development Company, Oman Air, Bank Muscat, Royal Opera House Muscat, and Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre
Partners: Ahmed Al Jabri, Layla Al Busaidi, Nasser Al Maamari, and Salma Al Mahrouqi


Oman is emerging as a tech hub, hosting top software development companies for 2024. This guide highlights leading firms like Bahwan IT, Awasr, Nawras Tech, Gulf IT Innovations, Infocomm Group, National IT, Towell Group, AlJazeera Technical Solutions, Alnama IT Solutions, and Almusafir Technologies .Software Development Companies These companies excel in IT services, digital transformation, and customer satisfaction, providing tailored solutions for diverse business needs 2024 Top Software Development Companies in Oman .

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