Switzerland’s software development sector is thriving, driven by talented developers, vibrant tech hubs, and a supportive ecosystem. In 2024, top companies are revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions in AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. Their expertise and commitment to excellence are driving digital transformation across various sectors. Join us to explore these leading companies shaping the future of software development in Switzerland and beyond Top Software Development Companies in Switzerland 2024.

EPAM Systems

Description: EPAM Systems is a global leader in digital platform engineering and software development services. With a focus on delivering innovative solutions and exceptional client experiences, EPAM Systems has established a strong presence in Switzerland.

Founded: 1993
CEO: Arkadiy Dobkin
Revenue: $4.42B
Employees: 10000 to 61,300
Services: Software Development, Digital Platform Engineering, Consulting
Key Clients: Fortune 500 companies across various industries
Partners: Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS


Description: Netcetera is a leading Swiss software company specializing in digital transformation solutions. Known for its innovative and reliable software products, Netcetera serves clients across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and transportation.

Founded: 1996
CEO: Andrej Vckovski
Revenue: $100M
Employees: 500 to 800
Services: Digital Transformation, Software Development, IT Consulting
Key Clients: UBS, Swisscom, SBB
Partners: Microsoft, Red Hat, Oracle


Description: Adnovum is a Swiss software engineering company that provides tailored IT solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients. With a strong emphasis on security and quality, Adnovum serves various sectors, including finance, government, and logistics.

Founded: 1988
CEO: Chris Tanner
Revenue: $80M
Employees: 300 to 600
Services: IT Consulting, Software Development, Security Solutions
Key Clients: Credit Suisse, Swiss Post, Zurich Insurance
Partners: Microsoft, AWS, Oracle


Description: ELCA is one of Switzerland’s largest independent IT companies, offering a wide range of services from software development to IT consulting. Known for its innovative solutions and expertise, ELCA helps clients achieve their digital transformation goals.

Founded: 1968
CEO: Cédric Moret
Revenue: $300M
Employees: 800 to 1400
Services: IT Consulting, Software Development, Digital Transformation
Key Clients: Swisscom, Nestlé, Swiss Federal Railways
Partners: Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce

Erni Consulting

Description: Erni Consulting specializes in providing innovative software engineering and IT consulting services. With a focus on agile methodologies and digital transformation, Erni Consulting helps clients navigate complex IT challenges.

Founded: 1994
CEO: Pius Zgraggen
Revenue: $200M
Employees: 400 to 800
Services: IT Consulting, Agile Software Development, Digital Transformation
Key Clients: Roche, Swiss Re, Zurich Insurance
Partners: Microsoft, IBM, AWS


Description: Zühlke is a global service provider for innovation projects, specializing in software engineering, digital transformation, and business consulting. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Zühlke helps clients turn ideas into reality.

Founded: 1968
CEO: Fabrizio Ferrandina
Revenue: $450M
Employees: 500 to 1300
Services: Software Engineering, Digital Transformation, Business Consulting
Key Clients: ABB, Siemens, Roche
Partners: Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud


Description: Infinigate is a leading value-added distributor of IT security solutions. With a focus on cybersecurity, Infinigate provides comprehensive solutions to protect organizations from digital threats.

Founded: 1996
CEO: Klaus Schlichtherle
Revenue: $500M
Employees:  50 to 450
Services: IT Security Solutions, Cybersecurity, Managed Services
Key Clients: Various businesses and organizations
Partners: Fortinet, Check Point, Sophos


Description: Altran is a global leader in engineering and R&D services, offering innovative solutions in software development and digital transformation. Altran supports clients in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and healthcare.

Founded: 1982
CEO: Dominique Cerutti
Revenue: $3.5B
Employees: 10000 to 50,000
Services: Engineering Services, Software Development, Digital Transformation
Key Clients: Airbus, BMW, Philips
Partners: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM


Description: Liip is a Swiss digital agency known for its agile approach to software development and digital transformation. With a focus on user experience and open-source technologies, Liip delivers innovative solutions to its clients.

Founded: 2007
CEO: Gerhard Andrey
Revenue: $50M
Employees: 100 to 200
Services: Agile Software Development, UX/UI Design, Digital Transformation
Key Clients: Migros, Swiss Post, WWF Switzerland
Partners: Google, Drupal, React


Description: Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications and IT company, offering a wide range of services from mobile and broadband to digital transformation solutions. Swisscom is at the forefront of innovation in the Swiss tech industry.

Founded: 1852
CEO: Christoph Aeschlimann
Revenue: $12B
Employees: 5000 to 19,000
Services: Telecommunications, IT Services, Digital Transformation
Key Clients: Various businesses, government agencies, and consumers
Partners: Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS


Switzerland’s top software development companies in 2024 are leading the way in AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. EPAM Systems excels in digital platform engineering, Netcetera offers digital transformation, and Adnovum ensures secure IT solutions. ELCA provides comprehensive IT services, Erni Consulting focuses on agile methodologies, and Zühlke supports innovation projects. Infinigate specializes in IT security, Altran in engineering services, Liip in agile development, and Swisscom in telecommunications. These companies are shaping Switzerland’s software development future Top Software Development Companies in Switzerland 2024 .

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